The purchase of consumer credit over 180 months

The purchase of credit is the ideal solution to lighten his family budget. Indeed, this procedure consists in compiling several financial charges in order to simplify the budgetary management of the household. It is an operation that also allows to take advantage of a cash envelope in a single plan, in other words in a single loan offer.

Get a buyback of consumer credit over 15 years

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We offer a panel of consumer credit repurchase products dedicated to individuals. A comprehensive offer to allow individual borrowers to purge their outstanding revolving loans and personal loans while preserving the proper management of their monthly budget.

While the consolidation of consumer credit was proposed for a maximum of 12 years (144 months), it is now possible to envisage a longer depreciation period over time. Indeed, the offer of our banking partners specializing in credit restructuring now allows a depreciation of the remaining capital outstanding from consumer loans over 15 years, ie 180 months.

A consumer debt consolidation solution that offers more flexibility to homeowners who want to keep their home loan while obtaining a debt ratio adapted to their ability to repay.

Get a cash buyback with cash

Get a cash buyback with cash

When buying a loan + cash, the cash envelope is used by the borrower as it sees fit. Thus, it can be useful for a project heart stroke or even to build a safe savings in case of unforeseen circumstances.

This operation is particularly aimed at homes that are experiencing financial difficulties or conversely, households eager to make new projects but no longer have the borrowing capacity to obtain cash.

The advantage of a consolidation of consumer loans over one hundred and eighty months is that the fifteen-year period allows borrowers to include in the larger cash-flow envelope than a buy-back of consumer credit. over an amortization period of one hundred and forty-four months.

No mortgage guarantee is required by the establishment, it is a fixed rate and depreciable. It is a personal loan granted by the bank which has as sole guarantee the durability of the income of the borrower (s).

One or more new projects that are important to you while getting a monthly payment adapted to the good management of your budget. A monthly payment that allows you to benefit from an increase in your monthly purchasing power, and that offers you the opportunity to build cash through the implementation of a programmed savings. At the same time, you can write off your credit with confidence.

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