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The purchase of consumer credit over 180 months

The purchase of credit is the ideal solution to lighten his family budget. Indeed, this procedure consists in compiling several financial charges in order to simplify the budgetary management of the household. It is an operation that also allows to take advantage of a cash envelope in a single plan, in other words in a single loan offer.

Get a buyback of consumer credit over 15 years

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We offer a panel of consumer credit repurchase products dedicated to individuals. A comprehensive offer to allow individual borrowers to purge their outstanding revolving loans and personal loans while preserving the proper management of their monthly budget.

While the consolidation of consumer credit was proposed for a maximum of 12 years (144 months), it is now possible to envisage a longer depreciation period over time. Indeed, the offer of our banking partners specializing in credit restructuring now allows a depreciation of the remaining capital outstanding from consumer loans over 15 years, ie 180 months.

A consumer debt consolidation solution that offers more flexibility to homeowners who want to keep their home loan while obtaining a debt ratio adapted to their ability to repay.

Get a cash buyback with cash

Get a cash buyback with cash

When buying a loan + cash, the cash envelope is used by the borrower as it sees fit. Thus, it can be useful for a project heart stroke or even to build a safe savings in case of unforeseen circumstances.

This operation is particularly aimed at homes that are experiencing financial difficulties or conversely, households eager to make new projects but no longer have the borrowing capacity to obtain cash.

The advantage of a consolidation of consumer loans over one hundred and eighty months is that the fifteen-year period allows borrowers to include in the larger cash-flow envelope than a buy-back of consumer credit. over an amortization period of one hundred and forty-four months.

No mortgage guarantee is required by the establishment, it is a fixed rate and depreciable. It is a personal loan granted by the bank which has as sole guarantee the durability of the income of the borrower (s).

One or more new projects that are important to you while getting a monthly payment adapted to the good management of your budget. A monthly payment that allows you to benefit from an increase in your monthly purchasing power, and that offers you the opportunity to build cash through the implementation of a programmed savings. At the same time, you can write off your credit with confidence.

Real Estate Loan Purchase: Get the Best Loan Offer?

In a context more and more conducive to debt caption debt, since credit interest rates are particularly low for 3 years, it is common to consider the purchase of debt outstanding by a new body to benefit from the decline rates.

While the average interest rate over twenty years was 3.20% in June 2013, at the end of May 2015 the average interest rate over 20 years is 2.20%, a decrease of 1 point within 2 years. This is obviously the perfect time to study the repurchase of its mortgage.

If you are more likely to get a better financial offer than your current borrowing terms, the comparison does not end there. We will try to give you the essential keys to a complete comparison of the new proposals that are made to you.

Insurance: contingency coverage and cost

Insurance: contingency coverage and cost

In a move to buy real estate credit by competition, insure the risks of life is an essential element not to neglect.

Indeed, insurance coverage repurchase compulsory credit, no !!! But it should not be forgotten that it makes it possible to avoid difficult situations in the event of a fall in household income linked to a hazard. Care must be taken to maintain the same guarantees as for the original loan unless the borrowers’ situation has changed since the credit was put in place.

For example, in the event of a change of status of one of the two borrowers: Mr. was previously a private sector employee and is now a public servant or if the borrower is retired in the process of buying back credit. In the first case, if the borrower had a loss of employment insurance cover, then it is no longer useful given his new status. In the second case, the loss of employment cover and temporary incapacity for work (ITT) no longer have any purpose, since it is no longer active.

Apart from certain changes in circumstances, it is therefore necessary to maintain similar coverage or even strengthen it. Indeed, the purpose of the real estate loan consolidation is to reduce the cost of borrowing through better financial terms. The saving realized over the duration or the monthly payment can therefore be assigned to an increase of life accident guarantees.

Finally, before starting a loan buyout project by the competition, it is important to take stock of your state of health. If health conditions or problems have occurred since the loan was put in place, then these may have an impact on the effective gain of your credit redemption or even its feasibility. Indeed, when collecting loans, you will be submitted to a medical questionnaire that takes into account your current medical situation (at the time of loan redemption).

In case of particularity, the insurance company may refuse the assumption of responsibility or apply a surcharge (increase of the monthly insurance contribution for the insured).

In order to compare the cost of insurance, it is interesting to refer to the monthly coefficient. This insurance coefficient is expressed in relation to the borrowing monthly payment. In addition, some bank proposals include the total cost of insurance over the entire term of the loan.

Credit redemption: the cost of the new banking relationship

Credit redemption: the cost of the new banking relationship

Indeed, the purpose of the real estate loan consolidation is to reduce the cost of borrowing through better financial terms. The saving realized over the duration or the monthly payment can therefore be assigned to an increase of life accident guarantees.

It is also very useful to compare the price of banking services. Most often, the bank that makes you a proposal for credit redemption requires the domiciliation of income as a counterpart. Which implies to become a customer as a principal.

The majority of banks offer a “package” of services with a monthly fee. This is an element to consider when comparing two proposals.

The repurchase of a loan by a new banking institution must therefore be studied in a global way. To really win on this operation, it is essential to consider the proposal in its entirety and not only through an interest rate.

How does one make to redeem one’s credits?

More and more people who have subscribed to several credits choose to start a procedure to buy credit to clean up their budget. A credit redemption can also be made to improve monthly purchasing power by reducing repayment payments to generate more cash. Moreover, it should be known that the repurchase of credit is a relatively simple operation to put in place.

Applying to a credit broker

Applying to a credit broker

The repurchase of credit consists in appealing to a financial organization which will undertake to buy back your various credits to become your only creditor. With the numerous credit buy offers on the market, you can go directly to banks and / or lending institutions for more information.

Nevertheless, faced with the many bundling offers that are proposed today, it may be very appropriate for the situation to call upon the services of a broker specializing in repurchase credit to see more clearly.

The expertise of the broker allows you to find the best deals but also to negotiate the conditions of your debt consolidation by defending your file with its banking partners. Thanks to its know-how, the broker of repurchase of credit helps you to negotiate a better rate of interest and to define a refund amount perfectly adapted to your budget.

The mechanism of the repurchase of credit

The mechanism of the repurchase of credit

The repurchase of credit is conceivable since you have contracted at least two credits. You will be able to include all types of credits in this transaction, be they mortgages, personal debts or consumer credits. Many sites on the web today allow you to simulate your credit redemption in a few clicks.

All you have to do is fill in some information such as the amount remaining to be refunded on your credits, your professional situation, the types of credits involved in the application, etc. Thanks to the simulators, you will have a fairly precise idea of ​​the monthly payments you can claim.

It is also important to compare the different offers that are available before you commit. It will then be necessary to make a request to the targeted financial organizations. Note that it is recommended to be accompanied by an expert to help you gather the necessary documents for the constitution of your file and the various supporting documents that will optimize your application. The point of view of an expert is also recommended during the negotiation phase. This increases your chances of having a favorable response and better repayment terms.

Find out how with credit redemption avoid over-indebtedness?

The rising cost of living, the economic crisis have resulted in many households in an almost endless cycle of debt. How to get out of this inextricable situation?

Why overindebtedness?

Why overindebtedness?

Unable to save, individuals or households do not hesitate to subscribe several credits to buy a car, a house, make trips, ensure the higher education of a child, etc. Over time, they fail to repay the loans they have contracted and, at the same time settle the bills of the expenses of the everyday life.

They find themselves in a situation of over-indebtedness since their financial burdens far exceed their incomes. Over-indebtedness can be caused by a decrease in income, an unforeseen event such as unemployment or illness. But it can also come from the fact that the people concerned, by contracting several credits have not properly studied their ability to repay or have not sufficiently informed on important details in the face of the risk of over-indebtedness.

What are the consequences ?

What are the consequences ?

People over-indebted, in addition to the repayment of their loans with interest, will still be inflicted other evils: payment of the penalties of delay or other additional expenses like those raised by the commissions of intervention banking and discharges of levies, or still of ATD or bailiff.

To get out of this situation, they can send a request to the Bank de France for the constitution of an over-indebtedness file. If an amicable agreement can not be found between the parties, debtors and creditors will be imposed a repayment plan. People who have filed an over-indebtedness file will be listed on the Personal Credit Reimbursement Incident File or FICP, will not be able to take out new loans during the procedure of their financial situation and thus be vigilant about their expenses.

The buyout of credit to break the deadlock

The buyout of credit to break the deadlock

In this process, all loans contracted, real estate, consumption and others, will be combined into one, with a lower interest rate. The repayment period will be adapted to the income of the borrower. The amount of monthly payments can be reduced by up to 50% compared to the monthly payments that he had to pay before.

He will not have to pay the monthly payments of several creditors but only one will be his interlocutor. The repurchase of credit, also called credit restructuring, avoids the hard procedures of the over-indebtedness file and allows the persons concerned to have a clear situation of their financial situation. Finally, it is advisable not to wait to be bogged down in debts to have recourse to them. And the best solution is to use a credit broker who has all the tricks of the trade and find the appropriate solution in each case.